Cannevents Digital Network

Anchored by a News Division, Cannevents is developing an incredible new media network. An already vast content library will extend our reach. While new technical capabilities enable us to deliver enhanced event experiences for our guest attendees and fans like never before.

Great programming featuring News, Podcasts, Magazines, Vlogs, and more. Check below for details.

The new Cannevents Digital Network will make it’s debut featuring four amazing Podcasts! This Summer, (CDN) will roll out it’s new slate of programming and publishing. Several newly developed shows will be added to a line-up of familiar industry mainstays.

Cannevents prides itself on being the home of creative wizardry. We’re starting anew with 2 well known industry publications moving to (CDN); where they’ll lend their combined talent and decades of expertise, to develop a new magazine, a planned book, and other exciting releases. Join us soon as we flex our new publishing prowess.

We’re buzzing with excitement to reveal the newest member of our team. She’s also the voice & face of Cannevents Digital Network.

Our media network launch would be incomplete without the valued creative crews behind our vlogs & blogs.

Our news division has long been trusted to serve the cannabis community. It will continue doing so as Cannevents’ media hub. Our Editor-in-Chief and editorial staff maintain the highest standards of journalism.