I’m Carcello Burks, a retired Entrepreneur. And, for the past 12 years, a close friend of Miguel. I’m NOT a professional writer, and don’t pretend to be one. I’m not here to gain popularity, create content, or even extend this blog’s readership.

Covering this company, it’s direction, achievements, and leaders is my sole reason for being here. With full autonomy and access, only company secrets are off the table. From inception to end, my only mandate is to record the company’s story.

There will be other writers here who are pros. What separates us is that I’ve been around for all of it. From the early planning phases to planning the end goal. And of course, I have total access to Miguel. I know his mind, his strategies, and views. I also know the challenges he had to face and overcome along the way.

Who the hell reads company blogs anyway? I don’t know who reads these, but I can answer who should. 1) Future business partners. 2) Anyone seeking to work at Cannevents LONG-TERM. 3) Any young entrepreneur looking to learn, grow, and pickup new strategies. 4) Every single direct Cannevents competitor. 5) Leadership members of any company.

To future partners: Truly, I envy you and the opportunity you have. Health issues forced my early retirement, or I’d be there as well.

Tip to career seekers: Regardless of your role, they are dead serious about only wanting passionately obsessive people. So when they ask, why you think you belong there, be sure to tell them “One reason is because my obsession extended to the company blog.”; have at least 1 more reason, good luck, and you’re welcome.

3-5: You’re about to get a business master-class. Obviously, I won’t reveal any major secrets prior to implementation. However, along side those stories, I’ll also drop a few nuggets. At our conclusion, assemble all of my material, to see the complete design he showed me 7 years ago.

My narrative will be nonlinear. At times it may seem disjointed or chaotic. By design, it simply cannot be in order.

Time to get on with it. So buckle up.

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